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Antique Needlepoint Pillow or Cushion Cover Roses Floral Flower Bouquet


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a wonderful antique pillow or cushion cover featuring a gorgeous floral bouquet in striking colors.  The bouquet features roses in red, pink and white as well as other flowers in blue and violet amongst green and amber gold leaves.  The needlework is done on a fine mesh stiff net that is edged in roping with a velvet tassel at either corner and a shot silk taffeta backing.  Unfortunately, the backing is shredding, so would have to be replaced should you wish to put a cushion inside of it.  The only other defects are a small brown stain to the bottom left of the bouquet, in the netting, and a small area where the roping is detached, both probably rectifiable with a bit of effort.  Otherwise, the piece has been well stored over the years, so the colors have remained vibrant.  I’m unsure of the exact age of this needlepoint, but I would think that it dates at least to the 1920s, but more likely is of the Edwardian period.  The piece measures 18” by 17 1/2”.

This is a beautiful display piece - with just a bit of work, this will be a piece to be treasured and passed on.....