Antique Lawn Bowling Sterling Silver Trophy Cup TRC 1921 J Gloster Birmingham 3.375


Brand Etsy

This is a small antique trophy cup that is made of sterling silver by J Gloster Ltd of Birmingham. It is engraved with T.R.C. Lawn Bowling 1921 - Im unsure what T.R.C. is, but the closest that Ive come to is the Toronto Racquet Club, which does appear to have special events like lawn bowling, but who knows. It is hallmarked with the anchor, which stands for the Birmingham assay office, the lion, which is the sterling silver guarantee, the date letter of V for 1920 and J.G. Ltd, for Joseph Gloster Limited. It measures 3 3/8 in height. It is in very good condition, but needs a more thorough polishing. Also, the base is slightly crooked, not major, and could be corrected if desired.
This is a nice small display piece - great for someone who lawn bowls!