Antique Lace Collar Belgian Point Duchesse or Rosaline Hand Made Victorian Era


Brand Etsy

This is a hand made antique lace collar in an off-white colour. I am not a lace expert, but I believe that the lace is Belgian Point Duchesse, which is a type of lace made on a pillow, although it also resembles Rosaline lace - I'm not sure which or if it is something altogether different, but it is gorgeous. It is both very delicate and extremely intricate and must have taken hundreds of hours to make. The collar is squared at the back and measures 9 3/8 in width by about 13 in height. I bought this lace collar many years ago with a few other pieces, all of which were basted to blue paper with thread - this has kept the lace flat and well preserved. This antique lace collar is in very good condition with no noted signs of wear.
This is a beautiful antique lace collar - Ive included extreme close-ups, so please have a look at the complexity of the work, gorgeous!