Antique Imperial Carnival Glass Lustre Rose Centrepiece Float Bowl Open Rose American Beauties


Brand Etsy

This is a beautiful Carnival glass centrepiece or float bowl made by Imperial Glass in the Lustre Rose pattern. Lustre Rose is essentially the same pattern as Open Rose, but both names were accorded later - the original name for this pattern when it was first produced in 1911 was either American Beauties or American Beauty Roses and this pattern was produced until 1929, although later reproduced in certain colours and shapes. This bowl however was not reproduced and is original and old. And furthermore, although this is now referred to as a centrepiece or floater bowl, in the 1915 Imperial catalog, it was called a low footed salad bowl. The bowl is iridized over a green base colour on the underside only (see photos). The bowl measures 9 1/4 in diameter across the top and 3 1/8 in height - it is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or wear.
This is a striking bowl and not often offered for sale - very pretty display piece!