Antique His Masters Voice Tin w Gramophone Needles Ad for Whittakers Pianos Bury Lancashire


Brand Etsy

This is a vintage His Masters Voice tin box that contains 78 rpm gramophone loud tone needles - the needles, however, are rusted, so I doubt that they are usable, but maybe they are (Im not knowledgeable about gramophone needles). The lid has a graphic of Nipper the dog listening to a gramophone against a red background. It reads His Masters Voice Copyright Registered Trade Name Loud Tone. The underside is printed with 200 English Gramophone Needles The Gramophone Company. The interior lid is lined with a paper that is printed with Whittakers Pianos Ltd., His Masters Voice Instruments, Records and Accessories. 9, Silver Street, Bury, Lancs. The tin does have scratching to the lid and the underside is so worn as to be barely legible - also, as mentioned, the needles are rusted. Despite all of this, the tin is quite old - I would estimate 1910s or 1920s as The Gramophone Company became EMI in 1931. Nice old tin - fun with the Whittakers ad..