Antique Hand Painted Portrait Plate w Mushrooms Richter Fenkl & Hahn Bohemia


Brand Etsy

This is an intriguing hand painted porcelain portrait plate featuring a profile of a Renaissance era woman with mushrooms to her right and cartouches of various berries around the rim of the plate. Im wondering if these are all poisonous substances, but I cant identify them - there were several notorious women poisoners during that period of time. The plate is entirely hand plated and expertly done. The back of the plate has a hand painted symbol that I assume was the mark of the artist. The plate is made of porcelain and is impressed with RF&H CH, the mark used by Richter Fenkl & Hahn of Chodau, Bohemia. This mark would have been used from 1883 until about 1900. The plate is in very clean condition with no chips, cracks or wear - this has been very well preserved over the last 120+ years. It measures 9 5/8 in diameter. This is a wonderful cabinet plate - excellent conversation piece!