Antique French Dollhouse Miniature 800 Silver Relish Condiment Holder Signed


Brand Etsy

This is a wonderful antique dollhouse miniature made of French 800 silver in the form of a handled relish or condiment stand complete with glass inserts. The piece measures 5/8 in height at its handle and 7/8 across. The handle is stamped with the French 800 silver guarantee for small items, the boars head or tete de sanglier (difficult to make out) and with the makers mark that I think belongs to Georges Fechoz - GF with a rose bush between the two letters. It is in very good condition - the scrolls seem to be detached on the interior towards the handle, the glass is a little uneven and the stand is tilting slightly. Any small imperfections should be forgiven given the scale of this piece. Miniatures meant for dollhouses were a specialty item for 19th century silversmiths known as toy men - the attention to detail on this tiny piece demonstrates the skill of the maker.unusual piece, great addition to a dollhouse decor..