Antique French 800 Silver Miniature Thurible Catholic Incense Burner w Angels Georges Fechoz


Brand Etsy

This is a wonderful antique dollhouse miniature made of French 800 silver in the form of a Catholic thurible, also known as the incense burner used by a priest during a mass. The thurible is suspended by three chains and the lid has its own chain, which allows the lifting of the lid to fill the bowl with incense. It is decorated with three angels around the bowl and the lid is pierced to allow the incense smoke to escape. The piece measures 1 3/4 in height with the lid sitting on the bowl. Both the lid and bowl are stamped with the 800 silver guarantee for small items, the boars head or tete de sanglier - a little difficult to make out, but the shape of the cartouche identifies it. They are also stamped with the makers mark that I think belongs to Georges Fechoz - GF with a rose bush between the two letters. The piece is in very good condition - this thurible has been very well preserved. Miniatures meant for dollhouses were a specialty item for 19th century silversmiths known as toy men. This thurible is rare - you would be hard pressed to find another example of its quality and age..