Antique French 800 Silver Dollhouse Miniature Carafe Lidded Pitcher Georges Fechoz


Brand Etsy

This is a wonderful antique dollhouse miniature made of French 800 silver in the form of a lidded pitcher or carafe. The lid is hinged and attached to the pitcher. The piece measures 7/8 in height. The piece is stamped with the 800 silver guarantee for small items, the boars head or tete de sanglier - difficult to make out, but the shape of the cartouche identifies it. It is also stamped with the makers mark, which I believe belongs to Georges Fechoz - GF with a rose bush between the two letters.. The piece is in very good condition. Miniatures meant for dollhouses were a specialty item for 19th century silversmiths known as toy men. This is a lovely dollhouse miniature - French quality!