Antique Flow Blue Trio Cup and Saucer & Plate Sampson Smith 1888


Brand Etsy

This is a trio made in a flow blue floral pattern by Sampson Smith of Longton, England, founded in 1846. The three pieces are marked on the underside with Rd No 100736 S.S. - S.S. were the initials used by Sampson Smith. The set consists of a cup, a saucer and a side plate. Note that the plate has splotches of blue on the underside, a sign of true flow blue as the blue would transfer from the top of one plate to the bottom of another as they were stacked during the manufacturing process. The plate measures 7 in diameter, the saucer measures 5 3/4 in diameter and the cup has a top diameter of 2 7/8 and a height of 2 7/8. All 3 pieces are in very good condition with no chips cracks or scratches. This is a nice addition to a flow blue collection - flow blue by this maker does not appear to be common. Very pretty display set!