Antique Flow Blue Soup Bowl New Wharf Portsmouth Pattern Art Nouveau 1891


Brand Etsy

This is a lovely semi-porcelain flow blue rimmed soup bowl made in the Portsmouth pattern by New Wharf pottery of Burslem, Stoke on Trent, active from 1878 until 1894. This is a particularly nice example with deep inky blue decoration and with very nice flow. The bowl is stamped on the underside with the New Wharf knot mark used between 1891 and 1894, and is impressed with a date code of 91 for 1891 (see close-up photo). The bowl is in very good condition with the exception of two small chips to the underside rim edge that do not show from the top view (see close-up photos), It is lacking any gold on the edge, but this is normal for an antique bowl like this. The glaze has very nice gloss, no utensil marking and the underside has an oil slick pearlescence to it.
The bowl measures 9 in diameter. This is a lovely piece of flow blue, one of the more desired flow blue patterns - very nice wall hanger or kitchen cabinet display piece!