Antique Faience Pottery Plate Rooster Stencil Sponge Ware 19th c French / Port Neuf


Brand Etsy

This is a 19th century pottery plate made in a deep bowl-like form and featuring an image of a rooster. The decoration looks to be a type of stencilled sponge ware, probably of French origin but possibly Port Neuf. - Port Neuf pottery was traditionally thought to have been manufactured in Portneuf, Quebec, but more recent study has revealed that most of it was made near Glasgow, Scotland and imported to Quebec from about 1840 into the 20th century. As mentioned, however, I am unsure of its origin. The rooster is rendered in an aqua green colour while the motif around the rim is in blue and the rings around the edge and interior bowl are in yellow. Note that there are firing stilt marks both on the top and underside of the plate. The plate measures 10 in diameter and has a height of 1 1/2" at its edge. It is in very good condition without chips or cracks, but does have a hole drilled into the rim, I would assume used to hang the plate on a wall (see last two close-up photos). Otherwise, this is a very nice example, well preserved. Excellent addition to an antique pottery collection or as a French country decor accent!