Antique Elfinware Porcelain Shoes China Flower Mossware


Brand Etsy

This is a pair of antique decorative porcelain shoes that are covered in blue moss and have a petalled flower, branches and leaves at the front. These are older examples than normally seen. Each is impressed with the number 16 on the underside - I think that they are of German origin, but may possibly be French. Each measures 4 3/4 in length, 2 3/4 in height and has a width of 2 1/8. They are in very good condition except that one of the shoes is missing half of one of its leaves and there is chipping to the petals of the flower - the flower on the other shoe is possibly also chipped, sometimes difficult to tell with these china flowers. Note that dust has accumulated in the flowers (see last close-up photo), so these could use a careful cleaning. These make very nice display pieces - great additions to a porcelain shoe collection!