Antique Crystal Wine Glass Stem Cranberry Cut to Clear


Brand Etsy

This is a lovely crystal glass stem featuring a cut or engraved pattern of butterflies and flowers, I think daisies - the pattern is clear against a cranberry coloured bowl, and quite beautiful (the photos do not do it justice). The stem and bottom knop are hexagonally cut with the top knop being multifaceted.
The glass measures 7 3/8 in height with a bowl that measures 2 1/2 in height and about 3 in diameter at its widest. It is in very good condition with no chips, cracks or noted wear except for a slight bit of ring wear on the underside of the foot, caused by surface contact, very minor.
I havent been able to find out who made this glass, but it is of superb quality. Gorgeous display piece of glass!