Antique Cristallerie St Louis Crystal Trianon Wine Glass Green Cut to Clear


Brand Etsy

This is a superb quality Trianon pattern crystal glass stem made by the Cristallerie de St Louis, based in St-Louis, in the Lorraine area of France. The Compagnie des Cristalleries de St Louis was founded in 1767, but based on a much earlier glassworks. St Louis is known for the quality of its production, and especially for the precision of its acid etching, gilding and cutting.
This wine stem has a green crystal glass bowl that is cut to clear with a diamond point or cross hatch band around its middle and with panels around its bottom. The stem and knop are hexagonally cut with the foot cut with rays on the underside.
The glass measures 7 3/16 in height with a bowl that measures 2 3/4 in height and about 2 3/4. It is in very good condition with no chips, cracks or noted wear.
Trianon was first introduced in 1834, but produced for many years so difficult to date, but I would think early 20th century This is an exceptional wine stem made by a venerable French glassmaker known for its quality - great as a replacement for simply as a standalone display stem!