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Antique Chinese Mahjong Game Set Dovetailed Bamboo 148 Tiles +


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This is an antique Mahjong game in its original 5 drawer carrying case that has bone dovetailed into bamboo tiles, so, I believe, is of Chinese origin. The bone used to make these sets was generally ox or cow shin bone, either sourced locally or imported from the US. I believe that this is a nicer quality set as the ratio of bone to bamboo is about double - the bamboo measures 3/16 in thickness while the bone measures 3/8 in thickness including the dovetail. There are 148 tiles in all - included with the set are 36 bams, 36 craks, 36 dots, 16 East, West, North and South wind tiles, 8 flower tiles, 12 dragons (the white dragons appear as plain white blanks) and 4 other blanks. The one bam features a peacock. The tiles measure 1 3/16 by 7/8 by 1/2. In addition, there are quite a few counting sticks, three wind disks and four tiny dice. The set is in very good condition, but some of the tiles have haversian marks, typical of bone (see photos) and might benefit from some cleaning. The front of the carrying case is decorated with a white silk embroidered bird surrounded by metallic thread. The case is edged with metallic ribbon, but some ribbon is missing or frayed. The case does have some exterior especially at the top from dust exposure. The drawers have carved bone round pulls and the top of the case has a metal handle. The set with case weighs 8 lbs and 5 oz. From the appearance of the case and the thickness of the bone, I think that this is an earlier set, probably dating to the late 1910s to early 1920s. It is complete with no replacement tiles.
This is a wonderful Mahjong set with nice quality carved bone tiles - great addition to a Mahjong collection!