Antique Catholic Souvenir Ste Anne de Beaupre Convex Bubble Glass Frame


Brand Etsy

This is an antique Catholic souvenir from the Ste Anne de Beaupre Basilica / Shrine. I think that this might date to the time of the first Basilica, which was built in 1876, but destroyed by fire in 1922. The new Basilica was built in 1926 and only completed in 1946. The image depicts Saint Anne who was the mother of the Virgin Mary - I believe that she is pictured with a young Mary. It reads Souvenir de Ste Anne de Beaupre in raised letters on a banner overhead. The picture is housed in a convex or bomb / bubble glass picture frame, held together with a brass edge. There are some flakes to the printed picture (see close-up photo and please ignore any reflections caused by lighting), but otherwise, it has no other defects and displays very well. It measures 3 3/4 high by 3 wide. The frame has a looped hook that enables the piece to be hung on a wall.
Despite the damage to the image, this still displays very well - old and, I would think, not common, so a wonderful collectible piece