Antique Brass Chandelier Angels Blowing Trumpets Ceiling Light Fixture


Brand Etsy

This is an antique ceiling light fixture or chandelier featuring angels blowing trumpets around its periphery. The piece is made of brass and has a pebble textured frosted glass shade affixed to the bottom. There is leaf decoration on the stem and the fixture has a pierced and detailed canopy. It has three sockets that accommodate candelabra base light bulbs. The fixture measures 24 in height and has a diameter of 16 3/4. It is in very good condition - one of the angels has been repaired (see last close-up photo) and it was affixed with a more modern brass screw than the original screws. Also, Im unsure if the glass shade is original, but if not, it is very old. The wiring has had a plug and wire attached to it, just in order to check the functionality of the sockets - this should be undone as it is not safe for long term use.
What is fun about this fixture are the shadows that the angels cast on the nearby walls (see photo). Although the way that the angels are affixed appears somewhat rudimentary, this is an attractive old fixture that would look great in the right decor.