Antique Blue and White Souvenir Plate New Brunswick and Maine Rowland & Marcellus William Van Horne


Brand Etsy

This is an antique blue and white souvenir plate made in Staffordshire for New York importer Rowland & Marcellus. The plate has a rolled rim and features William Van Hornes house, Coven Hoven, on Ministers Island, New Brunswick. The rim features various landmarks around St Andrews, New Brunswick, but also St Stephen, New Brunswick, and Calais, Maine as well as Eastport, Maine. William Van Horne, of course, was an important figure in Canadian history, president of the CPR and responsible for the extension of the railway from coast to coast.
The plate measures 10 in diameter and is in very good condition except for two shallow chips on the backside (see last close-up photo) - this still would display beautifully on a wall and no one would know about the chips.
Wonderful acquisition for someone living in the area or just for the blue and white collector!