Antique Austrian Majolica Figurine Monks w KB Beer Steins Advertising Match Holder


Brand Etsy

This is a wonderful antique Austrian majolica figurine made in the form two monks arm-in-arm, each holding a stein impressed with the letters KB. I think that the KB may stand for Kreuz Bier, but it might be some other brand. The steins are most likely meant to be used as match holders and are an example of early brand marketing. The figurine is marked with the numbers 1955 and 5, but this numerical marking and the glaze colours utilized, are typical of Austrian majolica. The figurine measures 7 3/8 in height, 4 1/2 in width, 2 1/2 in depth and is in excellent condition with no noted defect - please note that the issue at the top of the blue stein handle is original to the making of the piece. Attractive glaze and fun figural - nice example of early beer marketing..