Antique ABP American Brilliant Glass Sugar Shaker Notched Mitres


Brand Etsy

This is an antique American Brilliant period sugar shaker that is hand blown and cut with notched mitres. The glass fluoresces light green under an ultraviolet light. The piece measures 4 3/4 in height and 3 1/8 in width at its widest. The glass is quite thick with a 1/4 wall at the top (see photos) and is heavy for its size, weighing 1 lb, yet still has nice clarity. The underside is uncut and you can see a polished pontil mark. The glass is in very good condition with an air bubble trapped in the wall and a bit of roughness around the interior top edge. There is a bit of clouding to the interior bottom, but this could be polished away. The metal screw-on cap, however, is in rough condition. It appears to be made with lead content and whatever silver plating was there is mostly gone - also the bottom edge of the cap has small chips to it and there is some corrosion. It would probably be best to find a replacement cap.
Despite the condition of the cap, this is a nice piece of ABP glass - not an often seen shape.