Antique 19th c French 800 Silver Miniature Coffee Pot Percolator Dollhouse Decor


Brand Etsy

This is a wonderful antique dollhouse miniature made of French 800 silver in the form of a percolator. The piece measures 1 3/8 in height to the top of the lids finial. The coffee pot consists of three pieces - the pot, the coffee basket and a lid. All three pieces are stamped with the 800 silver guarantee for small items, the boars head or tete de sanglier. The handle of the pot is also stamped with the makers mark, but I have been unable to interpret it. All pieces are in very good condition - this miniature coffee pot has been very well preserved. Miniatures meant for dollhouses were a specialty item for 19th century silversmiths known as toy men - the attention to detail on this coffee pot demonstrates the skill of the maker.