Antique 19th c Egyptian Revival Vase Wilhelm Schiller & Son Bohemian Majolica


Brand Etsy

This is a wonderful majolica pottery vase made in Bohemia by Wilhelm Schiller & Son. Wilhelm Schiller was founded in 1829, became Wilhelm Schiller & Son in 1885 and continued in business until 1914. Wilhelm Schiller & Son is known for extravagant forms and was a high output producer of Majolica. This vase is decorated in the "Egyptian Revival" style, circa 1870s-1880s, when there was a renewed interest in Egyptian art and architecture. It is decorated with a central panel featuring a raised image of a winged asp, a fan on top and on the bottom and other motifs that appear to be taken from ancient Egyptian architecture. The vase is decorated similarly on either side - the asp can point either right or left, depending on which side is displayed. The vase is glazed in tones of blue, yellow, green, pink and cobalt blue. The vase is impress stamped on the interior of its base with "WS&S 372". It measures 12 3/8" in height, 8 3/8 in width and 3 3/8 in depth at its base - it weighs 3 lbs and 7 oz. It has a few small chips - one at the top corner, one to the top edge of the base, glaze loss to one corner of the base and a small gouge to the upper that may be original to the manufacture of the vase - please view the last photo to view close-ups of the damage. In addition, the underside is drilled, probably because someone wanted to turned this into a lamp (see photo) - this is a display piece not meant to be used as a vase.. A ceramics repair service could repair all of the chips fairly easily due to the solid colour and lack of detail where the chips are - they probably could also plug the drilled hole. Despite the damage, this is a striking display piece, and would be great in a Victorian decor.wonderful form and decoration!