Antique 1921 Prince of Wales Tour of India Commemorative Plate King Edward VIII AS IS Rare


Brand Etsy

This is a plate that was made to commemorate the 1921-1922 Visit to India of the Prince of Wales, who would become the future King Edward VIII, the monarch who chose to abdicate on December the 10th, 1936 because the government, as well as the British people, could not accept Wallis Simpson as their future Queen. Unfortunately, this plate was broken into three pieces and glued back together - a small chunk is missing on the underside, there is discoloured crazing on the underside and the repair is visible on the display side as well as a couple of white dots within the transfer printed image of the Prince. That being said, however, this appears to be a rather rare plate, at least, I couldnt find any other examples. The tour was significant because it was a bit of a disaster. Mahatma Gandhi resistance to British rule was just starting up and, despite Gandhis adherence to non-violence, there were widespread protests and violence. The plate measures 10 1/4 in diameter.
Despite the damage, this is a very nice collectible piece - if youre familiar with the Netflix release The Crown, Edward VIII plays a prominent role in the story and this plate dates to a time when he was considered to be the Princess Diana of his time as he was a very popular figure at that point in his lifesold AS IS