Antique 1917 Train Locomotive Photo w Crew 8 x 10 Sepia Photograph PS & PRR Marblehead


Brand Etsy

This is an original authentic photo from 1917 of a train locomotive and its crew. The back of the photo is written on with information about the photo. It reads:
Engine is nearly 50 years old formerly belonged to PS & PRR & was named Bonnyberg formerly name is on the hanging Strap 20/6/17 FBCB Marblehead branch locomotive April 1917 T. Thompson Engineer FBC Brother / John C Harris Conductor / Archie S Knight baggage master brother-in-law / Charlie ? Greenaugh ? brakeman
The bottom right has the photographers label, which reads W.J. Stickney Commercial Photographer 6 Barton Street, Salem, Mass. Telephone 1965 M.
The piece measures 8 1/8 by 10 1/8 and is in very good condition, except for a missing top left corner. Wonderful photo of an old locomotive, complete with pertinent information - very nice railroad collectible!