Antique 18th c Neoclassical Engraving Angelika Kauffmann Prudence and Beauty Thomas Ryder Engraver


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This is an 18th century engraving (c. 1789) after a painting titled Prudence and Beauty by Angelica Kauffman (Maria Anna Angelika Kaufmann), an Austrian born artist who worked primarily in London and Rome. Kaufmann (known as Kauffman in English) was born 30th of October 1741 and died the 5th of November 1807. She was one of two female founding members of the Royal Academy. The engraver was Thomas Ryder (1746-1810), who was one of the first students to study at the school of the Royal Academy. Ryders stipple engravings, of which this is an excellent example, are considered to be amongst the finest of their type. An example of this copper engraving resides in the collection of the British museum. The print is framed in a gold gilt gesso wood frame. The frame measures 16 1/2 by 17 1/2 while the engraved image measures 11 in diameter aside from the captioned title. The frame has a bit of damage to the gesso while the print is in very good condition with only slight evidence of toning in one area (see last close-up photo) - please ignore any shadows caused by reflections on the glass. The paper on the back shows that the print was examined or re-matted within the last 40 or 50 years.
Prudence is the Greek allegorical representation of virtue. She appears to be warning Beauty to be virtuous in the face of Cupids arrow. This is a wonderful 18th century neoclassical engraving by a sought after English engraver - nice acquisition for the collector!