Antique 1891 Catalog of The Royal Society Conversazione Exhibits at Burlington House


Brand Etsy

This is an original antique catalog of the exhibits held at The Royal Society Conversazione held at Burlington House on June 17th, 1891. The Royal Society was a scientific society, founded in London, England in 1660. In 1830, they started to hold an annual Conversazione, which consisted of exhibits. demonstrations, experiments, discoveries and lectures related to science, from astronomy and physics to biology and chemistry. This catalog consists of 16 pages, including its cover and measures 10 by 6 5/8 closed. It is in very good condition aside from foxing / discolouration to the front cover and the edge of page 3, due to the cover being cut short. Otherwise, it is basically very clean on the interior. I photographed a few pages, but the exhibits that caught my eye were the newly discovered use of finger prints as a means of identification, art metal work exhibited by Messrs. Tiffany & Co, including enamelling on silver and gold and a performance of opera over the telephone system and broadcast on the Edison Loud Speaking Telephone using Bells Receivers. The catalog is printed on fairly thick laid cotton paper.
These Conversazione catalogs do not appear to come up for purchase, so they must be fairly rare - you see them as part of Library collections, but not offered to the general public - interesting historical document.