Antique 1883 New Haven Connecticut Carlls Opera House Programme 4 Pages


Brand Etsy

This is a rare antique program for the New Haven Connecticut Carlls Opera House, dated January 1883. It consists mostly of ads, but on page three it advertises the show titled The White Slave as performed by the Boston Theatre Company. Carlls was constructed in 1880 and lasted through to 1884, when it became the Republican League. It was constructed on the site of the Roger Sherman House - Roger Sherman was the Founding Father of New Haven. It became the Hyperion theatre in 1887 and the Roger Sherman theatre in 1926. The ads are really interesting in and of themselves, a glimpse of American life in the early 1880s.
The program measures 14 1/2 by 10 3/8 closed. It is a little rough with edge wear and tear, but this is somewhat to be expected for old newsprint type paper .
This is a great piece for someone interested in New Haven history - probably not many of these are still in existence.