Antique 1874 Post Civil War Missouri 15th Regiment Claim Check


Brand Etsy

This is a claim check for service rendered during the Civil War. Missouri was a border state and sent men to fight for both the Confederacy and the Union, but the Enlisted Missouri Militia (E.M.M.) was formed in 1862 to provide defensive forces against subversion in the state of Missouri and to free up the Missouri State Militia to perform offensive duties. They were part-time soldiers who would be called up as needed. This claim check was drawn up in 1874 and made out to an Arthur D Warner for the sum of $1,374.10, quite a large claim. Any soldier who was wounded during the war could claim a pension and benefits provided that they file their claim before 1874. Warner served in the 15th Regiment of the Enlisted Missouri Militia. The cheque claim is in excellent crisp condition, really as clean an example as one could ever hope to find - very well preserved.
Wonderful piece of history.the story of the E.M.M. and Missouris part in the Civil War is complex and very interesting.