Antique 1816 Edition Culpepers Complete Herbal Book Richard Evans London


Brand Etsy

This is an antique book titled Culpepers Complete Herbal, the complete title being Culpepers Complete Herbal to which is now added, upwards of One Hundred Additional Herbs, with a display of their Medicinal and Occult Qualities; Physically applied to The Cure of All Disorders Incident to Mankind. The title page goes on to state To which are now first annexed his English Physician Enlarged, and Key To Physic with Rules for Compounding Medicine according to the true System of Nature. The book contains 40 coloured engraved pages picturing 400 different plants. It consists of 402 pages including the index and measures 8 1/2 by 10 1/4. The book has handwritten entries, including the original owners name William Medwell with the date of September 24 1818 on the front endleaf and a recipe (receipt) for a cure for Cholera on the back endleaf (see photos). The book is in rough condition. The front cover is detached and there is wear and staining to the exterior cover and cover spine. There is toning to the page edges and some edge tearing to the page bearing Culpepers likeness. There is foxing to the interior pages to varying degrees, some pages being fairly clean and others with considerable foxing, but in general, the interior has survived intact and, considering its age, rarity and being a book that would be frequently referenced, should be considered very acceptable.
This is a very valuable book when in fine condition, but given its state, I am selling it at a reasonable price AS IS.
Interesting read, and Im sure that this book contains good information - its amazing to think that this book was published at the end of the Napoleonic Wars.