1990s Black Cotton Blouse S Jean Paul Gaultier Femme


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

A classic black cotton blouse from Jean Paul Gaultier from the mid 1990s.

Simple styling with extra long ties and black plastic squared buttons...the double cuffs

have the same buttons as well.

 Label:  Jean Paul Gaultier - Femme

Aeffe Spa - 100% Cotton

Size label reads - Italy - 38, Germany - 34, France - 34, Great Britain - 6, USA - 4

 Please rely on the following measurements and note that this is a very tapered fit.

Bust:  34", Waist: 31:, Bottom: 36", Sleeves: 24", Shoulders: 15 1/2", Overall length: 27"

 Easy to use blouse.