1980s Modernist Joanne Cooper Ciner Brooch Gold Plate Signed


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is beautiful quality modernist Joanne Cooper Ciner brooch This Joanne Cooper Ciner brooch is made in a bow-like upside down V shape.  It is gold plated and features beautiful shine - I believe that they used 18k gold plating.  It is quite heavy and of obvious high quality.

Age: 1980s - the Ciner mark in capital serif lettering began to be used during the 1980s.  Ciner was founded in 1892 as a fine jeweller, but began production of quality costume jewelry during the early 1930s, basing their designs on fine jewelry.  

Signature:  J. Cooper.  Joanne Cooper produced a number of modernist designs for Ciner   

Size:  This Joanne Cooper Ciner brooch measures 3 1/8” in width across the bottom and has a height of 2 1/4”.

Condition:  It is in excellent condition with no noted wear.

Ciner is highly appreciated for the quality of their jewelry - advertised in Vogue magazine and sold at the best stores, and worn by fashion icons such as Elizabeth Taylor, who was a lifelong collector. This is a beautifully made Joanne Cooper Ciner brooch - fabulous modernist form with the appearance of high end jewellery……