1970s Modernist Acrylic Lucite Pelican Sculpture Guzzini Italy or Guyon Quebec


Brand Etsy

This is a wonderful modernist acrylic / lucite pelican sculpture made either in Italy by Guzzini, or by the Guyon Design Studio of Quebec, which did similar items to Guzzini. It would have had a paper label, but it is no longer present, so I cant attribute the piece with certainty, and cant find another similar example. The lack of an eye hole makes me less confident that it is Guzzini - in any case, this is a quality piece. The piece measures 7 3/4 long by 6 5/8 high by 3 deep at the base 1 1/4 deep at the top - it weighs 1 lb and 5 oz. The acrylic is in very good condition with no wear or scratches.
This is a wonderful modernist display piece - great for the bird lover!