1930s Art Deco Scarf Square 22” Silk Chiffon


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a wonderful 1930s art deco scarf square featuring a striking art deco design on silk chiffon.  The chiffon is printed with an angular design consisting of geometric shapes.  There appears to be a representation of a person with outstretched arms at the bottom right, reaching down to a tulip.  The rest of the graphics is anyone’s guess.  It is silk screen printed in tones of brown, orange and gold against a cream white background.  Being chiffon, the piece is semi-transparent.  The edge is rolled and the piece measures 21 1/2” by 22”.  This size of scarf is often folded diagonally for wearing around the neck.

Condition: This 1930s art deco scarf is in very good condition with no noted defect - looks like it saw little if any use.  

This is a very attractive 1930s art deco scarf - soft colours and wonderful design....