1930s Art Deco Awaji Japanese Pottery Vase 7.125


Brand Etsy

This is a striking art deco era Japanese Awaji pottery vase that is beautifully hand painted with a floral and leaf decoration. It is made in a rounded handled form, like a squat amphora shape. The decoration is raised on the surface like an enamel glaze and is segmented against the clay base. The glazes are in traditional Awaji colours - two tones of green, yellow and sang de boeuf (red). Awaji pottery was very popular from the mid-19th century until WWII. This vase dates to the 1930s and is simply stamped Made in Japan. It measures 7 1/8 in height and is in very good condition with no chips, cracks or wear - some glaze crazing, but this is minor. Fabulous deco design and colour - wonderful addition to an Awaji pottery collection!