1923 Antique Mary Pickford Print by Gene Pressler for Pompeian Beauty Products


Brand Etsy

This is an authentic original print featuring Mary Pickford for Pompeian Beauty Toilet Necessities. The print was illustrated by well known art deco illustrator Gene Pressler, a contemporary of Maxfield Parrish. The bottom of the print is covered by the framing matte, but I took it out of the frame in order to photograph the bottom (see close-up photo). While I had the backing cardboard off, I also photographed the back of the print, which is basically an ad for Pompeian Beauty products - please view the photos. One could actually order more copies from Pompeian should one have wished to. This print is in its original period wood frame which is in very good condition, except for an edge scuff/chip at the right side (see last close-up photo). This print has a riveted hole at the top that would have enabled it to be hung on the wall and displayed. It has a Pompeian copyright date of 1922 at the bottom front and an issue date of 1923. The frame measures 29 1/8 by 11 1/4 while the open matte display area measures 25 by 7 1/8. It is in very good condition as it was kept under glass for all of these years and out of the sunlight - lovely tones with wonderful use of light contrast, typical of art deco illustration. There is just a bit of edge wear at the lower left, visible in the photo of the bottom, but no wear is visible in the visible open matte area. These prints are often clipped at the bottom to fit into a frame, but this one is completely intact. Mary Pickford was an actress known as Americas Sweetheart although she was Canadian.
Wonderful collectible piece for the movie fan or the art deco print collector - great display print!