1920s Art Deco Celluloid Button Machine Age Stencil Print 2 1/4 Diameter


Brand Etsy

This is a 1920s machine age celluloid button that is printed with an art deco stencilled pattern. The pattern reminds me of a turning wheel - you can imagine the axle, the bolts and the blades and the forward motion that the pattern communicates. The button is made in two parts, a centre and an outside section, and is a fair size, measuring 2 1/4 in diameter. It is printed in colours of red and gold against a green background. The printed celluloid is wrapped around a black celluloid back and has a metallic appearance to it. There are no holes or loops at the back, so I dont know how one would affix this, but it definitely was meant to be decorative. It is in very good condition.
This is a nice example of an art deco button - great addition to a collection!