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Vintage Fringed Ribbon Shawl Hand Knotted Macrame Wrap


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a lovely hand knotted ribbon shawl with long fringe. This ribbon shawl is made in a triangular form. A large amount of work went into making this lovely shawl. I believe that this type of ribbon shawl is of Spanish origin but also made more recently in South America.

Age: Difficult to date exactly - they’ve made these for many years,  certainly during the 1920s and later, and although I believe that this is a later example, it is of very nice quality and has a lovely look to it

Color: Ivory/ecru

Material: I believe that this ribbon shawl is made of silk. I did a burn test on a small snippet and it appeared to indicate silk from the way it burned but it possibly could be natural rayon.  Rayon is made from purified cellulose, primarily wood pulp.  It is chemically converted, so although originally natural, due to the chemical manipulation, it is considered a semi-synthetic.  When first invented during the mid 19th century it was called “artificial silk” and actually demonstrates many of the same qualities, but with more weight, which gives the fabric a wonderful drape and “fall”.  No matter which, this is still very lovely.  

Sizing: The top edge measures 66” across, exclusive of any fringe. The centre midpoint measures 39” in height exclusive of the fringe. The fringe measures between 22” in length.

Condition: This ribbon shawl is in very good condition with no staining or pronounced wear and tear. 

This is a lovely ribbon shawl- a lot of work went into making this!