Vintage 1970 Psychedelic Scarf Butterfly Lady Bellotti Italy


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a vintage 1970 psychedelic scarf square that features a print of a butterfly woman on silk chiffon.  The design is quite amazing and printed in striking tones of pink, purple, violet, and olive green against an eggplant purple coloured background.  Her face is rendered in contrasting white with line drawn features - two butterflies are sitting on her face.

Age: right around 1970

Label: No label, but printed “Bellotti” at the bottom right corner

Material: Silk

Size: 33 1/2” by 32”

Condition:  This vintage 1970 psychedelic scarf is in very good condition with no pronounced wear, tear, soiling and it is free of stains or odours.  This looks like it saw little use and was well stored over the years.

This is a fabulous vintage 1970 psychedelic scarf - perfect psychedelic era art, suitable for framing!