Vintage 1940s Swing Tie Necktie Geometric Red Polka Dots


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a 1940s swing tie featuring a wonderful geometric pattern consisting of red polka dot within skyscraper shaped panels.  The background colour is a salmon pink tone - the red polka dots really pop.  It is made of rayon twill that is woven with rose flowers - rayon was the fabric of choice starting during WWII due to the shortage of silk.  This 1940s swing tie is in very good condition with no noted soiling, wear, tear or discolouration - the back, however, appears to have been re-stitched.  A note of caution - do not apply a hot iron to the material. The tie measures 48” in length and has a width of 4 7/8” at its widest.  This is a striking 1940s swing tie - even better in person!