Antique Victorian Mens Shirt White Cotton Dorset Buttons M


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is an antique early Victorian mens shirt made of a quality medium weight cotton in a fine linen finish.  It is sewn closed at the front except for an upper opening that closes with three handmade Dorset buttons (view the enlarged close-up photos).  Dorset buttons were used between 1622 and 1850, when they were replaced by machine made buttons. This Victorian mens shirt is collarless and doesn’t have buttonholes that would enable the wearing of a collar, so is meant to be worn collarless like this.  The sleeves are made in two pieces, with the seam appearing below the shoulder area.  The narrow barrel cuffs have a single button closure.  There is a short slit at either bottom side.   

Sizing: There is no size label, and although this Victorian mens shirt should fit a medium size, please rely on the following measurements for fit (please note that the shirt has to fit over the head):

Shoulders:  19 1/2” across from shoulder/sleeve seam to shoulder/sleeve seam

Sleeves:  21” long from the shoulder/sleeve seam

Sleeve inseam: 19”

Chest: 51” around, taken under the arms, meant to be loose/oversized

Waist:  51” around, meant to fall loosely

Bottom:  55” around

Overall length: 32 1/2”, measured flat

Condition: This Victorian mens shirt has three small light spots on the lower right sleeve and another at the right side seam, 14” down from the armpit (see third to last close-up photo for example).  In addition, the cotton covering on the cuff buttons is worn, so you can see the metal underneath (see last two close-up photos).  I haven’t tried to remove these as there are quite minor in any case, but bleach or maybe salts of lemon might work if they are an issue.  Otherwise, the Victorian mens shirt is very clean and has no other issues.  The cotton is of very nice quality and should last a long time - they don’t make cotton like this anymore.

This type of early 19th century Victorian mens shirt is quite rare - clothing of more common usage that is this old is difficult to find as it was usually used until disposal - wonderful Victorian mens shirt !