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WWII Era Taj Mahal Piano Shawl Silk Brocade Scarf Tasseled Tablecloth


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a wonderful WWII era piano shawl / tasseled scarf or tablecloth made in the “Taj Mahal” style.  The colours are very pretty in bluish purple, gold yellow and teal green against a red background.  The piece has a 6” long knotted tassel.  It measures 30 1/2” by 32”, exclusive of its 6” tassel - including the tassel, overall dimensions would be more like 42 1/2” by 44”.  It is in very good condition - a few loose threads and the fringe needs some unraveling in a few places, but the colours are bright and there are no stains or other wear or tear.  This type of shawl is usually described as being of silk brocade - I’m not sure if it is silk, but it is definitely silky and has a wonderful lustrous appearance.  Lovely Taj Mahal in an attractive colour combination!