Vintage Wood Carving of Checker Players St Jean Port Joli Quebec Hand Carved


Brand Etsy

This is a skillfully hand carved wood carving of two men playing checkers. It is unsigned, but the underside is written on in pen St Jean - Port Joli Trip to Newfoundland 1968. I assume that they bought this in St Jean - Port Joli, Quebec on their way to Newfoundland. The piece measures 4 1/2 in height and 5 1/4 by 2 across its base. It is in very good condition with no noted defects. A lot of attention to detail on this, especially considering its small size - note the facial features and the gentlemans finger pointing up, not easy to carve finer details like this. Ive seen this model carved by a number of different Quebec carvers, but whoever did this one was especially talented.