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Vintage White Ostrich Feather Muff w Zippered Compartment Purse Bridal Accessory


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a wonderful vintage white ostrich feather muff.  It is made in a rounded shape and has a zippered compartment built into it, so can used as a small purse, although you could only fit a few small items in the compartment, probably mostly change and a few bills.  One would simply place one’s hands into the open cavity in the middle of the muff.  When not using it as a muff, you would carry it on your wrist using the built on roped strap.  It has a Prym metal zipper on the interior.  I believe that it dates to the 1960s or 70s.

Label: None

Sizing: One size fits all.  It measures about 7” by 9” with a depth of about 5”, without taking the plumes into account.  With the plumes, it measures more like 12” by 15” by 8”.

Condition:  The piece is in very good condition with no wear and the feathers are clean and fresh.  

This is a lovely feather muff - very nice vintage bridal accessory or just a fun piece to dress up an outfit!