Vintage Walther & Sohne Oralit Cloud Glass Footed Candy Dish Sepia Edith Comport


Brand Etsy

This is a piece of cloud glass made by August Walther & Sohne of Radeberg, Germany in the Edith model of comport or footed candy dish. The colour of the glass is what Walther called "Braun", sepia brown toned "trails" of colour within a clear coloured base. The comport is made with a matte interior and gloss exterior - the matte exterior has stepping around the body. This Edith candy dish was produced by Walther between 1932 and 1940. It measures 7 in diameter across its top with a height of 3" - it weighs 14.3 oz. It is in very good condition with two chips, cracks or wear. Lovely addition to a cloud glass collection, great display piece for an art deco decor!