Vintage Nippon Condensed Milk Container Hand Painted Gold Decoration


Brand Etsy

This is a condensed milk container made in Japan during the 1910-1920s period. The underside is marked Hand Painted Nippon. Before refrigerators became common, people would store condensed milk cans in a container, often porcelain such as this one. This is very pretty with raised detailing that is painted in metallic gold paint against an ochre ombr background. The piece measures 5 1/2 in height to the top of the lids finial and weighs 14.1 oz. It is in very good condition with no chips, cracks or pronounced wear, but with some slight wear to the gold paint in places. There is a craze line visible on the underside by the mark, but this isnt visible on the other side, so definitely not a hairline, very minor.
This is a very pretty display piece - I believe that this is an older Nippon condensed milk container, so a nice addition to a collection!