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Vintage Nightie 1940s Silky Floral Printed Nightgown w Lace Trim Size M L


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a lovely vintage nightie made of floral printed light pink fabric - the fabric has a soft silky feel to it but I do think that it is an old rayon, cool and comfy, somewhat sheer, and very nice for warm weather wear.  The nightie has a squared neckline with ruffled machine lace shoulder straps.  There is a drawstring through the top edge for cinching the top.  It has a high set band waistline with two slots at the front so that you can insert a ribbon and use it to cinch the waist - there is no ribbon in it presently.   Otherwise, the nightie is cut with a flare down the body for a loose and comfortable fit.  The floral print is in colours of red, blue and green.

Age: 1940s

Label: None

Sizing: There is no size label and although this should fit a range of sizes, certainly medium to large, it probably would accommodate either small to larger than that.  Please rely on the following measurements for fit, taking the style of the garment into account:

Bust: Depends on adjustment of the drawstring which can cinch to as little as 20” and as much as 45”.  The bust area measures 36” to 45” around depending on the drawstring adjustment, but obviously should fall loosely. 

Waistband: Note that the waistband is above the natural waist, but measures 51” around, and, again, can be adjusted using a ribbon passed through it.

Hips:  64” around, but meant to fall loosely

Hemline:  72” around

Length: 53”, measured flat from the top of the shoulder strap to the hemline

Condition:  It is in very good condition with no wear, tear, splits, odours or stains.  This nightie was well stored over the years and looks like it saw little use.  

This is a wonderful old nightie - lovely floral print and fabric!