Vintage Narrow Sulka Tie Striped Silk Mens Necktie 3”


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is vintage mens Sulka tie made by the venerable A. Sulka & Co. of Paris, London and New York.  A. Sulka was a high end luxury men’s brand founded in 1893 in New York by Amos Sulka.  This Sulka tie is made of beautiful quality thick twill textured silk with diagonal striping in tones of black, silver, gold and red.  The back neck area is reinforced with an extra layer of silk.  It is in excellent condition, very clean and crisp.  It measures 58” in length and is fairly narrow, measuring 3” in width at its widest.  Due to the narrow width, I believe that it dates to the 1960s.  The label reads “All Silk Sulka London New York Paris”.

Beautiful quality, classic, and very rich looking, this Sulka tie is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe!