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Vintage Little Nemo WWI Doughboy Pin Soldier Brooch Brier Mfg Co


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a collectible figural pin made by the Brier Manufacturing company of Providence, RI, as part of their “Little Nemo” line.  The piece is made in the form of a WWI doughboy soldier.  I’ve seen a very similar piece dated as being made during the 1940s (WWII era), although I think that this is an earlier one.  It has a bit of red enamel paint and the metal is pewter coloured - the piece has good weight and does not attract a magnet, except for the pin part, so I’m a little unsure of the type of metal used to make this.  The piece is marked on the backside with a floral form mark - my understanding is that some Little Nemo pieces were marked “L/N” and some were not marked at all, only identified on the card that they were attached to, so I’m unsure as to what that mark is, if anything.  The piece measures 1 1//2” in height.  It is in very good condition except for paint loss, and I suspect that the back originally had a catch for the pin that is no longer present.  Still despite this, l think that this is a rather rare piece, so this should be forgiven. 

This is a hard to find figural Little Nemo pin - great addition to a collection!