Vintage Jesus Christ Statue Ingrid Frosted Crystal Glass Czech Art Deco


Brand Etsy

This is a nice quality piece of Czech glass made in the image of Jesus Christ holding up a host. This model was originally made by the Curt Schlevogt factory under the Ingrid brand name. The Ingrid line was named in honour of Henry Schlevogts wife, Ingrid, who died during childbirth. Ingrid was also the daughter of Heinrich Hoffman, a legendary Czech art deco designer, who is purported to have designed much of the Ingrid collection. This statue is known to have been made under the Desna brandname. Desna is the name used for art glass produced during and after the 1920s by designers Henry Schlevogt and Heinrich Hoffmann because the glassworks was located in the village of Desna, founded by Joseph Riedel in 1847. After WWII, numerous small glassmakers merged under the name Preciosa Ornela Co.Ltd. and Ornela acquired the old molds used by art deco glass designers Henry Schlevogt and Heinrich Hoffmann and now make reproductions of those iconic art deco designs. It is difficult to know whether this piece was made pre-war by Schlevogt or post-war by Ornela, but it does have signs of age on the underside caused by surface contact - if it is post-war, it most likely dates to the 1950s
It measures 6 1/8 in height, 3 5/8 in width and weighs 1 lb and 7.7 oz. , a sign of its quality. It is in very good condition with no noted chips, cracks or pronounced wear.
This is an beautiful piece of glass - the photos do not capture that lovely shimmer of the frosted crystal. Excellent display piece for a religious person or just a lovely acquisition for someone who appreciates quality glass!